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## Vehicles
Okay, not quite real cars in the game, but the next best thing! The cars that you can purchase and upgrade with in game cash are technically minecarts. Except...you don't need it to be on rails to drive it.

These neat little guys can traverse over blocks and slabs at crazy speeds! There are currently 4 types

### Sedan
- $100,000
- Not upgradeable

### Sports Car
- $500,000
- Upgradeable

### Super Car
- $1,000,000
- Upgradeable

### Hyper Car
- $10,000,000
- Upgradeable

Each upgrade costs $1,000,000.

When driven on concrete, the car receives a 2x speed boost. And when driven on black concrete, a car is given a 4x speed boost.

### How do I purchase a car?
It's simple, type /car purchase and put which car you want at the end of the command.

## Silk Touch Spawners
You can now pick up spawners by breaking them with silk touch! But be warned, picking them up costs $5,000,000 per spawner so be careful when mining one or where you place one as it will cost you money to mine it! Blaze and wither skeleton spawners cost $10,000,000 each!

Survival Reborn Update 1.2 about 1 month ago
Survival: Updated Survival to 1.20.4

Changelog about 1 month ago
Reborn: Updated to 1.20.4

Changelog about 1 month ago
Conquest has officially been retired. Thank you to all of our players who played on conquest. We have uploaded the map to one of our google drives and the link is down below.

World: 12.3 GB


Conquest is Closed about 1 month ago
Today marks the first update of our Survival Reborn Server! Introducing.....
# The "Color-tastic" Update!

## New Generators
There are now 3 new categories of Item Generators.

- Concrete Generators (all 16 colors)
- Stained Glass Generators (all 16 colors)
- Wool Generators (all 16 colors)

There is a limit of 16 per player per each of these 3 categories.

Item Respawn Interval = 15 seconds

They can be purchased at /warp generators make sure to turn around and enter the new shop. Each one costs $20k

Survival Reborn Update 1.1 about 1 month ago