How to Join VexalMC

  1. Open Minecraft

  2. Click on Multiplayer

  3. Click on Add Server

  4. Type the address and click Done


Minecraft version: 1.8 - 1.16


Member Rank: This is the default role for anyone that joins the server
Access to Essentials Commands - /gmc /gms /gma : change your gamemode - /fly - /home (Members get 2 homes) - /ignore - /ptime : change your personal time - /pweather : change your personal weather - /seen - /suicide - /tpa /tpahere /tpdeny /tpaccept
Access to HeadsPlus - Obtain any player's skull to be used in your builds - /head <ign> - /myhead - /heads
Access to basic plot commands - /plots claim - /plots merge - /plots unlink - /plots remove - /plots untrust - /plots trust - /plots visit
Access to basic worldedit commands - //wand - //copy - //paste - //undo - //redo

Engineer Rank: Purchased off of our buy craft here.
Perks - All commands and perks from the Member Rank; - Access to 4 plots - Access to 5 homes
More WorldEdit Commands - If you are not familiar with worldedit, please check the wiki or youtube for more information - //cut - //flip - //rotate - //cylinder - //pyramid - //sphere - //naturalize - //set - //smooth - //walls

Architect Rank: Purchased off of our buy craft here. (Note: You must buy Engineer rank first before you can buy Architect rank)
Perks - All commands and perks from the Engineer Rank and Member Rank; - 10 homes - 9 plots
More WorldEdit Commands - If you are not familiar with worldedit, please check the wiki or youtube for more information - //brush copypaste - //brush cylinder - //brush ex - //brush sphere - //brush smooth - //drain - //fill - //fixlava - //fixwater - //replacenear - //removenear - //tree - //snow


The Economy can be viewed here.

The Custom Enchants can be viewed here.


Here is a list of all the datapacks that is currently on the survival world: - Anti-Creeper grief - Multiplayer Sleep - Elevators - Zombie Leather
Here is a list of some of our plugins on the survival world: - Essentials - BlockLocker - Holographic Displays - Veinminer - Dynmap - GriefPrevention - DropHeads - Graves - PvPtoggle - ArmorStandEditor
VeinMiner Plugin: You can now veinmine all ores (including nether ores), veinmine all trees (including nether ones), veinmine all leaves with a hoe, and veinmine sand/red sand/gravel with a shovel. You will have to shift + break all these items instead of how it was before.
If you want to 'toggle' veinmining any/all of these blocks, use the following commands: - /vm toggle : toggles on/off all veinmining - /vm toggle axe : toggles on/off axe veinmining - /vm toggle pickaxe : toggles on/off pickaxe veinmining - /vm toggle shovel : toggles on/off shovel veinmining - /vm toggle hoe : toggles on/off hoe veinmining

Useful commands: /pt : Your Online Time /toppt : The Online Time Leaderboards /d (diguisename) : Disguise yourself ,Only if you unlocked it /undis : Undisguise Land Claim Commands /kit claim : Gives you the tools to set up your claims/learn how to claim /unclaim : Unclaims the claim you are standing in /trust : Gives another player permission to edit in your claim /untrust : Revokes and permissions granted to a player in your claim /containertrust : Gives a playe rpermission to use your buttons, levers, bed, containers, animals, etc /permissiontrust : Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others /abandonallclaims : Deleted all of your claims /extendclaim : Extends the claim you are standing in a certain number of blocks in the direction you are facing

Since this season could possibly be shorter than normal (Will reset shortly after Minecraft's 1.17 release) we have created a list of "special challenges" for you to complete and receive rewards upon start of next season! You can find more details regarding this by clicking here.

The Dynmap can be viewed here.

The Bosses can be viewed here.