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Welcome to VexalMC's rules page!
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Discord TOS: 

Discord Rules:
  • Do not be disrespectful towards other members in this discord (This includes private messages, DMs)
  • Do not use any discriminatory terms to insult someone.
  • Do not disrupt normal conversation or activity with spam, copy pastas, unwanted memes, etc - Do not try to buy or sell anything in this discord.
  • Do not violate the privacy of other members in any way.
  • Do not advertise your discord, social media, or any other pages in general. (DM advertising will result in a perm ban)
  • Do not link anything inappropriate in the discord (nothing NSFW, offensive, etc)
  • Do not spam tag staff. If you have a question or concern you can make a ticket in tickets
  • No inappropriate usernames/pictures, and no impersonating staff members or ranks
  • Arguing about a ban, mute, or hackusating in our Discord is not allowed. Please post a ban report or ban appeal in tickets and wait patiently.
  • No talking about drugs in any shape or form (Alcohol in the context of the brewery plugin is an exception)
  • No politics or political discussion both in game and in discord
  • Excessive drama or bickering in global chat is not allowed.  If a staff member tells you to stop, you must end the conversation
The following modifications are allowed: (If anything is not on this list, assume it isn't allowed)
  • Client-side performance improvement mods/clients (e.g. Optifine)
  • Cosmetic modifications (e.g. Resource packs, shaders etc) Please note that XRay resource packs, clients/mods are still not allowed
  • Armor/effect status HUD modifications
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications
VexalMC has a strict no hacking or cheating policy
  • Autoclickers, macros, and scripting are not allowed
  • Xraying of any sort is not allowed, this includes resource packs/texture packs and hacked clients
  • Any program/macro/client that lets you afk click or afk mine is not allowed on the server
  • All hacked clients are strictly prohibited 
  • Admitting to hacks is against the rules
  • Hackusating other players is also not allowed.  If you believe someone is hacking, please make a ticket on our discord.
Hatred and Discrimation:
  • Using any derogative, discrimination or hate towards another player about their race, religion, ideas, movements, symbols, stereotypes, groups, etc, are not allowed.  This is a community for everyone, treat everyone with respect please
  • Any death threats including joking around by saying "kys" is not allowed.
  • Any threats towards another player is not allowed
  • Any leaking of a player's private information will not be tolerated
General Chat Rules:
Generally, chat rules have a 3 strike system.  Staff reserve the right to make judgments on a case by case basis (If you feel like a staff member is being unfair to you, please make a ticket and we will investigate it, then respond accordingly)
  • Swearing/Profanity is not allowed (This is a community for all ages, treat everyone with respect)
  • Attempting to bypass the chat filter intentionally is not allowed
  • Spamming/Over use of caps is not allowed
  • All nicknames, signs, need to be appropriate
  • Being homophobic or disrespectful or racist is not allowed
  • Speak only English in Public Chats/Channels (This also applies to anvils, books, nicknames, etc) If both parties consent to speaking in a different language in private DMS, that is allowed. If a staff member for whatever reason asks you to only speak English, you are required to listen to them.
  • No talking about drugs in any shape or form (Alcohol in the context of the brewery plugin is an exception)
  • No politics or political discussion both in game and in discord
  • Excessive drama or bickering in global chat is not allowed. If a staff member tells you to stop, you must end the conversation
  • Automated mob farms are allowed
  • Any farm or contraption that causes significant lag to the server, including redstone contraptions and/or excessive mobs, may be subject to modification or partial removal
  • Intentionally creating lag causing machines is strictly forbidden 
  • Redstone clock circuits should have an on/off switch.  And should be turned off when not in use
  • AFKing is allowed
  • Alt accounts are permitted
  • Although, using Alt accounts to gain double rewards from kits is forbidden
  • Ban evading by using an alt will not be tolerated, this would result in an IP Ban
  • You are more than welcome to advertise your stream/recording that is about VexalMC.
  • Any other form of advertising other servers, non VexalMC media content, or websites are not allowed
Any form of scamming is not allowed
Survival+ Market Rules
  • All chest shops need to be inside a decent looking building/shop structure (Just placing down chests or putting chests in a dirt box will not cut it)
    • Preferably your shop needs to have some resemblance of the items you will be selling
  • You must work on one shop plot at a time, do not go and claim 2 or 3 plots and leave the others empty while you work on building 1 shop
  • Only claim a plot when you are ready to build on it, placing a few blocks down will not cut it
  • The market plots can only be for chest shops, any automatic farms, grinders, etc in general (even if you are selling the farm loot) is not allowed.
    • Turning your plot into your base, storage, etc is also not allowed
  • Predatory pricing will not be tolerated (The intent to put another shop out of business so you can solely control the market for that item or group of items)
  • If you want to sell the same item or set of items as another shop, feel free to do so but you must sell them at the same price as the original seller (Assuming the original selling prices are within a reasonable amount)
  • If you wish to price your shop items cheaper than another shop, please try to contact that person and come to an agreement about having the same prices
  • Any plots/shops that do not follow the above rules, will be reset and unclaimed
  • Do not build any inappropriate builds
  • Do not claim builds that you did not build without permission
  • Do not build within 100 blocks of another person's claim without their permission
There is a strict NO GRIEFING policy on VexalMC Survival
  • Griefing consists of stealing items from containers, killing mobs, breaking/placing blocks, using tnt or fire without the land owner's permission. 
Survival Server
  • If you find a base or group of chests that isn't claimed whether it is from due to the land owner being inactive or simply someone forgot to claim, ask a staff member to see if it is okay to loot or claim it for yourself. If they give you the okay, you are welcome to it
  • You are not allowed to use someone else's farm, set a home in another player's base without the owner's permission
  • Tp killing, unconsented killtrapping/falltrapping counts as griefing
An IRL Trade is a trade where player 1 trades in game items/money to player 2 in exchange for player 2 to purchase something off the VexalMC Store under player 1's name.

IRL Trades are allowed on Vexal, but a few extra steps are necessary to prevent scams from either side.  If you and another player want to do a trade like this, please make a ticket on our discord: https://discord.io/vexalmc, and ask staff to add the other player.  A Senior Moderator or higher will act as the middleman between the two players.

For those that do not know what a middleman does/would do, once the deal has been made clear between both parties and the staff member, the player gives the in game items/money to the Sr. Mod+ and the Senior Mod will hold onto the items until the other player completes the purchase off our buycraft.  Once the purchase goes through, the Sr. Mod+ will release all items from the deal to the deserving player.

We apologize if this seems like a hassle or an inconvenience to you, but since there is real money involved, staff need to act as the middleman to make sure the trade is safe/fair for both players and to prevent any scams from taking place.
The Abyss Server Rules:
1. Be respectful of other players.
2. Do not damage or obstruct any nether portals that don't belong to you and do not destroy or obstruct any blaze spawners. Anything else in the nether is fair game.
3. Trading, taking, or giving items is forbidden everywhere except the end.
4. No CPU intensive farms. If you are not sure, ask staff.
5. No duplication of items, hack clients, or similar cheats.

This list may be subject to change
Earth Rules:
  • TP trapping, TP killing, Killing newbies, spawn trapping, and spawn killing is not allowed
  • No attacking other towns/nations without a declaration of war
  • No insiding allowed
  • No building/claiming within 3 chunks of another town without their permission
  • No territorial claiming (claiming nearby another town and making a line to their town and surrounding them)
  • Looting unclaimed base or ruined towns is allowed, make sure you keep your stuff claimed and your town balance positive!
  • Do not use alt accounts to claim kits...This is extremely unfair and abusive to the system in place.
  • You are not allowed to cheese the bounty system and get your friend, your alt, etc to kill you and split the bounty.
  • Player head farms are not allowed (this includes any system that results in death messages spam)
  • No abusing the dynmap bug by claiming only the outside perimeter of an area without needing to claim all of it
  • Limit of using 1 alt account to claim a second town for yourself
Do not join any town where you do not fully trust the town owner. The town owner (the mayor) has full control over the town. If at any point they decide to kick you for whatever reason, they can kick you and they don't have to give you anything that you contributed to the town. If you do not like how a town is being run, just go make your own town and do it how you want to do it.

On another note, if a staff member tells you to stop doing something (breaking the rules) please listen to them. We have given out so many warnings the last few days and will now be more strict on punishments
  • Ban Evading is strictly forbidden.  If you are banned for whatever reason, make a ban appeal, if you proceed to bypass your ban by playing on an alt, the same if not worse punishment will be inflicted on your alt(s) as well.  Could lead to an IP-Ban
  • Talking about irl politics or irl religions in public chats are strictly forbidden. Take these discussions to dms or private chat assuming both parties are okay with it. 
  • No Tampering with nether portals in the nether that are not your own
  • Absolutely no sharing items, except for in the end
  • Do not break spawners in the nether
  • No sniping the Ender Dragon drops. The Ender Dragon drops belong to the party who spawned the dragon in.
  • Players who are a part of an island that has not reached the end are not permitted to go through any end portal unless it is their island's own end portal.
  • Players are required to make sure that their end portals are inaccessible to players who are not part of their island.