VexalMC Rules

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:

General Rules

These are the General Rules of VexalMC All the rules listed here apply to all realms and even our hubs and other platforms. Some rules might not be specific to one gamemode and if there is more to them, it will be addressed in the gamemode specific rules. These rules are subject to change at any time. They will be updated if any changes are made.


Note: Staff will have the final say in all punishments. If you believe you were punished wrongfully, make an appeal ticket in our discord by making a ticket in #tickets


If the following rules are broken a punishment will be given out:

Chat Offenses:

- Caps

- Spam of any kind

- Command Spam

- Promoting Spam

- Spam

- Excessive Swearing

- Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Sexism, and Transphobia

- If you do not understand these words, it is your responsibility to search for the meaning and we will not accept this as a reason to break this rule.

- Player/Staff Disrespect

- Server Disrespect

- Encouraging Suicide

- Death Threats/Wishes

- Note: This includes jokes

- Asking for Buycraft Items

- Links - Links that do not have anything to do with VexalMC are not allowed to be said

- Inappropriate Comments

- Inappropriate Links/Symbols

- Impersonating Staff

- Lying to Staff

- Sexual Harassment


- DDoS/DOX/SWAT Threats/Wishes

- Server IPs or IPs in general

- Advertising of any kind

- Note: You are allowed to advertise your twitch/youtube video in chat if you are currently streaming/if that video is of you playing on VexalMC

- Phishing Links

- Releasing Personal Information (DOXing)

- Releasing personal information is not allowed. This includes using a picture of another player as your profile picture - Ban/Mute/Blacklist Evading

- Toxicity

Game Offenses


- Inappropriate Build

- Inappropriate Faction/Island/Cell/Hideout/Gang Name

- Block Glitching

- Freezing your Minecraft

- IRL Trading

- IRL Trading is the act/intention of trading in-game items/items on our store for IRL money, Paypal, Bitcoin, CSGO Items or any other method.

- Note: This does not include Buycraft Trading (The trade of in-game items/in-game currencies for items available on VexalMC's store).

- Note: We will punish if someone was scammed but only with very obvious proof however, it is not our responsibility to refund for this.

- Buycraft Scamming

- Exploiting/Abusing a Bug/Dupe/Exploit

- Note: Punishment may vary due to the severity of the Bug/Dupe/Exploit, severity of the abusing/exploiting, or other factors. The Staff Team will have the final say in any punishment involving the Exploit/Abuse of a Bug/Dupe/Exploit

- The use of multiple mice (including touchpads, trackpads, or any other similar hardware even if the mice/touchpad has multiple clicking abilities) is not allowed, whether that be through software like Eithermouse or other means.

- Xray Hacks, Texture Packs, World Downloading, or any other method to view ores or valuables that would normally be hidden or obscured on a vanilla client

- Auto Clickers

- All clicks must be manual. This means all clicks must be done on a mouse, without rebinding your click to anything else, i.e a key on your keyboard. Other means to boost clicks without the use of software (Macros, Multi-Click buttons, Lego Autoclickers, etc) are also not allowed.

- Note: Only Jitter and Butterfly clicking are allowed. Dragclicking, Bawlclicking, etc. are not.

- Use of illegal Modifications

- Hacked Clients

- Use of Macros

- This includes Chat Macros, Autoclick Macros, Auto Selling, and other forms of Macros

- Inappropriate IGN/Skin/Cape

- If you were punished for using an Inappropriate IGN/Skin/Cape, you have the option to appeal the ban (refer to the start of the rules to see how) if you change your IGN/Skin/Cape and show proof of you doing so.

- DDoSing/SWATing

- Hacking other players account(s)

- Creating Lag

- No Exiting the warzone/mines through unapproved methods
- No TPA/portal/plot trapping or killings

- Don't talk negatively about the server or staff
- Keep toxicity to a minimum, minimal banter is allowed


Chargeback bans are final - please keep that in mind. If another player purchased an item for you and you were charged back on (banned), appeal and the situation will be looked into. Unbans are not guaranteed.



We will not accept any edited evidence. We also do not accepted evidence that has been left unreported until a certain time. Any evidence for bans mutes or anything below that must be reported within three days of the incident. Any blacklistable offence must be reported within 7 days of the incident with the evidence shown. The only exception to this rule is built up cases for example, evidence collected to create a harassment profile against a player.

Allowed Modifications:

If caught with a Hacked Client and or modification not listed below, you will be issued a punishment unless the Administrator team decided to allow the modification / Client. If you believe a modification should be on this list, message an Administrator.

- Forge

- bspkrs core

- Armor Status

- Potion effect

- Direction HUD

- Badlion Client


- Mini Maps (Without Radar or Entities)

- Optifine

- Shaders

- TabbyChat

- World Download

- Kohi TCP NoDelay

- Console Client

- Coordinates

- Chunk Borders

- CPS Mods

- Keystrokes Mods

- Scoreboard Mods

- LiteLoader

- FactionBot

- Lunar Client

- Breadcrumbs

- LabyMod

- PvPLounge

- Faction Utility

- LunatriusCore

- Replay Mods

- Note: Replay mod may be used personally but we will not always accept it as viable evidence as it can be distorted. You may use it to report people to get them screenshared but we will not use this proof to immediately ban someone.

- Falcun Client

Disallowed Modifications


If caught with a Hacked Client and or modification listed below, you will be issued a punishment unless the Administrator team decides otherwise.


If you believe a modification should be on this list, message an Administrator.


If any Clients / Modifications are not on the list but still break our rules, you will still be punished unless the Administrator team decides otherwise.


- Any Hacked Clients (Huzuni, Vape, Wurst)

- Scripting Clients (Arcadia)

Staff Rules

if you see any of these rules broken, please create a Staff Report with proof:

- Abusing

- Swearing in any chat

- Scamming

- Insiding/Griefing

- Using their title to get an advantage

- Leaking any Staff Chats or private information

- Misuse of their permissions

- Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment based off of the Staff Guidelines. Administrators are allowed to break off of these rules to issue a punishment if they see fit.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 

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