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Towny Settings Changes
- Nation Neutrality Cost Increased from $5k to 20k per town in the nation
- Town Neutrality Cost Increased from $50 to $250 per plot

- Base Price for Town Merge Increased from $500 to $10m
- Price Town Merge per Plot Percentage increased from 50% to 100%

Event War Settings Change
- Lowered minimum number of players needed to be online for each war type

New Shop/Mall Items
- Tropical Fish Spawn Egg -> $25k
- Storage Unit Tier 4 (Holds 10m items) -> $200m

NEW Jackpots
Base Command /jp or /jackpot
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Dimensional Quarry Changes:
- Added the end focus! See information for making this generator in the survival guide
- Increased focus multiplier for clay focus
- Increased focus multiplier for emerald focus
- Increased focus multiplier for quartz focus
- Added amethyst to all glass/stained glass foci
- Added copper to all glass/stained glass foci
- Added amethyst focus
- Added copper focus
- Iron focus glass changed from orange stained glass to brown stained glass
- Decreased the chance for the nether focus to produce ghast tears
- Added prismarine shards and prismarine crystals to the sea focus
- Changed iron, copper, and gold ores to raw ore in the default foci
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As some of you may know already, we had pets disabled on our Survival server for the past few months. After many hours of work, we have revamped/overhauled all the pets on survival as well as added them to our Earth Server!

We have added over 380+ Pets on both our Survival and Earth Servers!!

How do I Access them?

How do I get them?
Currently these are only obtainable from purchasing them on our store at https://store.vexalmc.co
Don't worry, we made sure their prices were relatively cheap.

We also will be holding a few giveaways for Special Coupon Codes that can be used to purchase a free pet of two of your ch...
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Yes, we know, super cringy update name...

Introducing a new custom item to Survival and Earth..

The Super Sponge!!

This item was adopted from The Abyss Server. Basically it is a reusable sponge that clears water and/or lava in a radius of 10 blocks!

How to Craft?
It's quite a simple recipe actually, it involves tossing some sponge and nether stars on the ground. The recipe for each server is listed below:

32 Sponge
10 Nether Stars

64 Sponge
64 Nether Stars
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The Abyss Server is now open!... Again.

For everyone who was looking forward to playing this gamemode, thank you for your patience. Vaspei and Dragon have put a lot of effort into fixing the performance issues with the server, so please make sure to thank them!

To join, type "/theabyss" and once you have joined the server, type /is create.

This gamemode has a large amount of new crafting recipes and additional features not in normal minecraft, so please make sure to check out the survival and the crafting guide shown in the links below. You can also access these guides with "/guide" or find the links through the NPCs at spawn.

GUIDE: https://bit.ly/3EjQGSo

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