Here you can find frequently asked questions!

Yes! Java players would connect with this IP: play.vexalmc.co | Bedrock players would use: play.vexalmc.co:19132
Yes! All of our servers are free to play. There are addons available on our store to help fund development, overhead, and maintenance costs.
All of our survival based servers; Earth, Survival, Reborn, OneBlock, require 1.20+ to join. It is always recommended to use the latest version of the game. Some of our other servers like; Lobby, KitPvP, Creative, or Events, can be joined with 1.8+.
Absolutely! We actually have a Vexal Gaming Community Discord Server available for all to join. This community is currently a place to discuss other games and find others to play games with! Join the VexalMC discord server and look for #vexal-gaming under Partnerships Category for more information!