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The Abyss Update
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4 months ago
Dimensional Quarry Changes:
- Added the end focus! See information for making this generator in the survival guide
- Increased focus multiplier for clay focus
- Increased focus multiplier for emerald focus
- Increased focus multiplier for quartz focus
- Added amethyst to all glass/stained glass foci
- Added copper to all glass/stained glass foci
- Added amethyst focus
- Added copper focus
- Iron focus glass changed from orange stained glass to brown stained glass
- Decreased the chance for the nether focus to produce ghast tears
- Added prismarine shards and prismarine crystals to the sea focus
- Changed iron, copper, and gold ores to raw ore in the default foci

Other Changes:
- Added Invisible Item Frames datapack
- Added Elevator datapack
- Removed "End Blessing" effect for killing the ender dragon as it was causing issues with gameplay